When should you connect the hall chairs and when do you have a good, safe connection that complies with the fire brigade standard EN 14703?

The 2012 Building Decree clearly indicates why the connection is important in the event of a quick and safe evacuation of the space. The 2012 Building Decree states: “The options for escaping from a structure sufficiently quickly and safely in the event of fire are largely determined by the flow capacity for people. In addition to structural properties, the flow capacity is also determined by the presence and specific arrangement of inventory, such as chairs, tables, cupboards and planters. This article contains regulations on the manner in which inventory is drawn up in relation to the occupancy (the number of people) in spaces where many people meet at the same time, such as theaters, theaters, cinemas, catering areas, sports canteens, churches and educational, meeting and conference rooms . If seats are arranged in five or more rows and the number of seats in the space is 100 or more, the seats must be coupled or attached to the floor in such a way that they cannot shift or fall over due to jostling.

Chairs that meet this requirement are provided with a quality mark and fall under the EN 14703 standard.” During the testing of the seat connector by the test institute, attention is paid to, among other things, the shifting of the rows of seats. These must remain nice and tight so that the escape route between the rows of seats remains clear. For this, the chairs must all remain linked in a row. To make this possible, the seat connector must not come loose. Our Chairlink chair connectors are certified according to this standard EN 14703 and we have several test certificates for various types of chairs in combination with our chair connectors for square and oval frames. Below is a photo of the various tests carried out by TÜV Rheinland and by Efectis Nederland according to EN 14703 You can request the test certificates from us: info@chairlink.nl


The Chairlink chair connectors are certified and tested at TÜV Rheinland and Efectis Group according to EU standard EN 14703 Furniture Links for non-domestic seating linked together in a row and has undergone extremely strenuous testing.